Materials Science and Engineering

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (SME), one of the most powerful school in NPU, cultivates and educates the talents to be with strong natural science foundation, professional knowledge, international overview, and innovation spirit with the characteristics of advanced materials and preparation technology. After graduation, students will be competitive in scientific research and other work in the fields related to materials and chemical industry, design and development, manufacturing, engineering management and research, etc.  

Studying MSE Program at NPU will provide students:Wide employment fields: scientific research, design, production management, and application of engineering technology 

More opportunities for further education: SMSE has strong collaborative research ties with a number of universities, institutions and industries abroad. Graduates have opportunities of studying Master’s Degree in China, or abroad.   

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The major of Material Science and Engineering focuses on metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, nano materials. After entering the school, regardless of the professional direction, students should cultivate and study general education courses and comprehensive literacy courses, and then choose to study in the professional direction according to their personal interests, professional will and academic achievements. After meeting the credit requirements, students will obtain a Bachelor of Engineering Degree.  

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The program of study in Materials Science and Engineering is designed to prepare engineers to be effective leaders. Courses in  this program provide students with the educational foundation necessary to materials, materials design, materials forming, processes.  

Meanwhile,different directions set up multiple experiments to develop students’ comprehensive abilities, for examples: Modern Analytical Test Methods, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Material Chemistry Experiment, Nanomaterials and Technology Experiment, etc.  

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Career outcomes

The Employment rate of SMSE has been almost 100% each year. Wide range of working field, leading discipline rank, solid scientific foundation and professional abilities which all enable you to be competitive in job market.   

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