Electronic and Information Engineering

The School of Electronics and Information (SEI) at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) was established in May 2003, whose predecessor is the Department of Radio System founded in 1958. In 1970, the Air Weapons Control Specialty and the Air Weapons design Specialty of the Air Force Engineering Department in Harbin Military Industry University were incorporated into this department. Currently, SEI@NPU includes five departments and one experimental center, namely the Department of Micro-nano Electronics and Integrated Circuits, the Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Systems and Control Engineering, the Department of Communication Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering and the Electronic Experimental Teaching Center. 

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The electronic information engineering specialty is developed from radar specialty established in 1958 for many years. It belongs to the key construction specialty of the former Commission of science, technology, and industry for national defense, Shaanxi's famous brand specialty, and international talent training pilot specialty. It mainly studies the acquisition and processing of information, the design, development, application, and integration of electronic equipment and information systems. It integrates modern electronic technology, information technology communication technology, and computer technology. Based on the all-English curriculum system, electronic information engineering (international class) trains senior electronic engineering technical talents and international talents in electronic information engineering with a solid theoretical foundation, strong engineering practice ability, wide adaptability, and high professional quality in the field of electronic information. Graduates will be able to engage in research and development in the field of electronic and information engineering at home and abroad, It covers the fields of electronic and information equipment and systems, signal and information acquisition, transmission and processing, automatic control, communication, microelectronic systems, computer applications, RF and microwave technology, etc.   

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Core courses: Principle of Communication, Electromagnetic Fields & Magnetic Waves, Semiconductor Physics, Signal and system, Digital Signal Processing. 

Elective courses: Electronic Measurement, Principles of Radar, Microwave Technique and Antenna, Random Signal Analysis, Principle and Application of Transducer. 

Main Experiments:Basic Experiments of circuit, Design Experiment of Simulation Circuit, Design Experiment of digital circuit, Design Experiment of integrated circuit. 

Main Practices:We provide comprehensive experiments to improve students’ hands-on ability. For example, Electronic Practice, Metalworking Practice, Production Practice, Cognition Practice.  

Entry requirements

Applicants should be an excellent graduate of high school or international college, English scores must meet the corresponding enrollment requirements, and excellent scores in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, other related disciplines may also be suitable, have a certain practical ability. Applications will be evaluated on an individual basis by the school's graduate admission committee.  

Career outcomes

Pursue further study at NPU. We have 2 research directions for master and Ph.D. programs, e.g., Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering. Chinese government and NPU also offer various scholarships for outstanding master and Ph.D. students who have high motivation to do research; 

Obtain employment. The employment rate has been 100% in the last three years. Finding a job for a Electronic and Information engineer is never a problem in China.  

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