Computer Science and Technology

The students should obtain the basic scientific theory of computer science and technology systematically, with broad basic technology and necessary specialty knowledge. They should master the basic technology for computing, programming, experimenting, expressing, and basic skills in software/hardware operating; they should grasp the knowledge of market economy, management, society science, and humanities; they should have strong ability for self-learning, certain ability to analyze and solve practical engineering problems, to practical systems, and the preliminary ability for scientific research, development, and management.

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The specialty of computer science and technology belongs to information technology. It aims to cultivate students with systematic theory, knowledge, and techniques of computer hardware, software, and application. The graduate students can conduct computer education, scientific research and application in research institutes, education colleges, companies. 

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The program is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the theoretical principles, basic knowledge and skills for computer science and engineering. The students are educated to be innovative and with international view. The graduate students will be competitive in computer science and engineering related areas with the features of interdisciplinary, innovation, and leadership. 

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International graduates usually will be engaged in computer technology industry or continue to pursuing higher education. 

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