BSc in Applied Data Science

Our experienced and passionate lecturers will guide you through a mix of classical and modern big data processing techniques, analysis, hypothesizing and visualization skills as well as looking at cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Each semester is carefully designed to support you through the fundamentals in statistics, calculus, computer science, ethical, and legal considerations within data science and business management, including administration, project management and critical thinking. As you work through these topics and to your final year, you will have begun to establish an idea on where you see your future career path developing. At MU, our vocational approach to education allows the opportunity to shape this program by choosing enrichment courses to complete in semester 5, choosing from Date Science for; Services, Businesses, Sustainability or Geographic Information Systems to specialize in. 

Paid course type

Learn how to apply data-driven theory in business and service-related industries. For a full 360-degree hands-on study experience, students will also gain professional experience with MU’s mandatory capstone project internship.

Celebrating Women in Science & Tech
A ‘Female Pioneer Reduction’ is available for female accepted applicants; this offers a €3,000 reduction in fees for the entirety of the program. Additionally, a further €1,500 will be awarded to female applicants who submit a one-page essay answering “Why is it important for women to be represented in Science and Technology”. Find out more


Course details

•    Math and Statistics I
•    Foundation of Artificial Intelligence
•    Fundamentals of Computer Science and Programming
•    Business Administration
•    Legal Aspects of Data Science

•    Applied Linear Algebra
•    Database Management and Design
•    Algorithms and Data Structures
•    Math and Statistics II
•    Societal and Ethical Aspects of Data Science

•    Text Mining and Media Analytics
•    Fundamentals of Web Programming and Application Development
•    Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
•    Blockchain Applications
•    Research Design and Writing Skills

•    Knowledge Extraction, Modeling & Visualization
•    Project Management and Change Management
•    Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Planning
•    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
•    Smart Information Systems Engineering
•    Bachelor Thesis Tutorial

•    Latest Trends in Data Science
•    Internship Preparatory Course
•    Enrichment courses 
•    Bachelor Thesis

•    Professional Capstone Project Seminar
•    Professional Capstone Project (Internship)  

Entry requirements

For Applied Data Science, in addition to our standard entry requirements, you will also benefit from having curiosity in numbers, data analysis and forecasting.

We usually require students from International Schools to have successfully completed their secondary education and hold a School Leaving Certificate/ High School Leaving Certificate. 

Further guidance to will clarify your eligibility to apply based on the country where you finished your high school studies can be found here.
Applicants who do not meet our admissions requirements for direct entry into the Bachelor degree programs may consider applying for our Tech Foundation Program.  

All applications are completed online through our dedicated application portal. Once completed, our admissions team will arrange an interview. If successful, your Dean will review your application and an offer letter will be sent out.

Career outcomes

Graduates from this program can expect career opportunities in business intelligence, market analysis, data engineering and consultancy. 

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